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Why Choose Walnut Street Rentals?

"We work in partnership with our investors to maximize their return on investment and all decisions are made with the landlords' best interests in mind. We work on your behalf with integrity, honesty and practical thoughtful solutions to issues that arise."

WSR offers the best value to manage your investments while providing superior service to both you and your residents. We balance the need for profit for the owner with the reality that costs are part of the equation in order to have a well-maintained investment that generates income for you and provides a great home for your residents.

WSR Full Services include

What Does All This Cost?

10% of all income received
For Properties leasing for $2500 or more a month we reduce to 8%
For Investors with 5 or more rental properties with WSR we charge 8%

$300 Tenant Placement charge to begin new Tenancies

We offer a competitive, flat tenant placement fee. Additional services to be charged appropriately.

Let's mention what you WILL NOT be charged for:

What Should I Expect From Your Service?

Our goal is to manage your property with our expertise in residential property management to produce a return on investment while you can go enjoy life. When it is appropriate to consult you we will absolutely do so but otherwise, we don't want to drag you into the daily decisions that must be addressed. Rather we want to understand the concern, evaluate the situation and come to you with solutions and options to address and we work together towards the best solution. Trust in our proven application process for approving applicants. If you so choose you can be part of the process for determining if we approve the pets or which applicant to offer the lease and for the settlement of the security deposit.  When costly repairs or maintenance arise then we will work together to address the situation.

Is WSR the Right Property Management Company For You?

When looking for a residential property management company you have a lot of options available to you and how they operate can be greatly different. Some will let you choose the applicant that you prefer but that could leave you open to making a decision that is against the laws that govern how applicants can be denied which is not in your best interest. Other companies may take full control from beginning to end on the management of the property and you get no input into decisions being made. We believe the best way to manage your investments are to manage the areas that are the biggest legal pitfalls like applicant approval/denial but allow the landlord to be included in the decisions as much as able if desired by the landlord. Residential property management has become much more litigious, complicated venture and will never be the easy process it was back in the old days. But it is still or even more profitable as a long-term investment than in the past and with our assistance we can guide you through the legislative pitfalls that can be avoided to drive you to future success.

However, we may not be the right fit for all investors. We want to work with investors that embrace our philosophy and values which makes for lasting relationships and long-term success for both the investor and WSR and that cannot occur without the tenants. Without the tenants there is no success for either WSR or the landlord. But we never forget who we work for, the landlord, and when appropriate we hold the tenant accountable to the terms of the lease and assess tenant damage as warranted by the law. Do you appreciate good tenants? Do you want to stay within the confines of the law? Do you agree that normal wear and tear is allowable as HUD has defined and the courts have upheld? If so, then we should be a great fit!

Want to Know More?

Would you like to discuss your situation or property in more detail or ready to move forward with our services? Please reach out below to set an appointment or to have a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Email us anytime at info@walnutstreetrentals.com or call during business hours: 919.228.9492

Still Not Convinced?

Perhaps you have seen a lower management fee that includes a higher tenant placement fee and that appeals to you more. Or you have concerns about something that was or wasn't discussed. Whatever the reason, give us a call to discuss to see if we can address your concerns or explain why we approach in the manner we do.

Email us anytime at info@walnutstreetrentals.com or call during business hours: 919.228.9492